Kayak Public Transit is introducing a new bus schedule and route in Milton-Freewater.

Kayak launching new bus schedule, route in Milton-Freewater

Milton-Freewater – Kayak Public Transit has announced apilot program introducing a new bus schedule and route in Milton-Freewater. With a focus on enhancing accessibility and convenience for the community, the initiative aims to provide more efficient and reliable public transportation services.

The pilot schedule will begin Jan.15 with bus service starting at 10 a.m. in Milton-Freewater. The last bus of the day ends at the Kayak Transit hub in Pendleton at 6:15 p.m., providing a coverage window to accommodate the diverse needs of passengers throughout the day.

Key features of the new bus schedule and route include:

  1. Later Operational Hours: The new schedule moves service hours later in the day, from Monday through Friday, providing increased flexibility for residents in Milton-Freewater.
  2. Optimized Route: The redesigned route takes into consideration community feedback, eliminating underused stops and increasing stops that better serve the community, looping through Milton-Freewater municipal, shopping, and residential areas with service to Walmart and Valley Transit Center in Walla Walla. The new route improves travel times and enhances overall efficiency.
  3. Connecting Service: The new route connects to Valley Transit in Walla Walla four times a day and to the Whistler regional bus two times a day.
  4. Accessibility: Kayak Public Transit is committed to making public transportation accessible to all members of the community. The new schedule and route aim to provide convenient options for individuals with various transportation needs.
  5. Community Engagement: Kayak Public Transit values community feedback. Passengers are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions to help refine and improve the service.

“Our new route and schedule are built with community feedback in mind. We are responding to Milton-Freewater residents’ requests for later and more frequent service. The community has let us know shopping and being able to get to appointments are high priorities. This pilot program is a testament to our commitment,” said Kayak General Manager Vicki Croes.

Feedback and comments can be submitted through kayak@ctuir.org or by calling 541-429-7519. Updates will be shared on Kayak Public Transit’s Facebook page and website.

-Information provided by Kayak Public Transit