Thank you for your interest in advertising with the CUJ.

Please note that we print monthly and need some lead time to publish your material. Advertisements and other submissions are due the 20th of the month prior to publication – or the first business day after if the 20th falls on a weekend or federally observed holiday.

Submitted ads should be formatted as either a PDF file or JPG, with a resolution of 300dpi at 100% and all fonts and graphics embedded. Ads MUST be emailed to Ads sent to any other address may not be seen or scheduled and may be omitted from the publication as a result.

Please do not use “registration” black for text or images.

Campaign advertisements must be paid in full by the submission deadline and follow CUJ guidelines.

CUJ Political Campaign Advertising Policy

CUJ news coverage and reporting of campaigns, candidates or ballot issues shall adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists standards of accepted ethics. CUJ news coverage and reporting on campaigns, candidates or ballot issues is at the discretion of the CUJ editor and is not considered advertising.  The CUJ does not endorse specific candidates or constitutional amendments that may be on the ballot in CTUIR elections.

No political advertising for candidates will be accepted until the official filing period is completed and candidates are certified as official by the CTUIR Election Commission.

All political advertising will comply with Section 5.01 of the CTUIR Election Code and all other applicable laws. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure political advertisements are compliant.

Payment for political advertising will only be accepted from individual candidates, or their campaign accounts, for the elected position they are seeking. Third parties are not allowed to pay.  In the case of a constitutional amendment on the ballot, any person or entity shall be entitled to place an ad regarding the constitutional amendment.

The CUJ will not accommodate specific placement requests for advertising. Political advertisements will appear in the newspaper with consideration for color and design standards. Individual candidates will not be allowed to reserve prime space separate from other candidates, or advertise on the front page of the newspaper. The CUJ editor will have sole discretion on placement of ads with consideration for quality of print and ease of design to aid readers in effectively navigating information. No candidate or ballot initiative will be allowed to purchase all available space in a such a way that it excludes other candidates or ballot initiatives from advertising in a fair manner.

Advertising must adhere to standard CUJ ad dimensions published on the CUJ rate card.

CUJ staff will not create, modify, update or change political advertisements.

Political advertisements must be submitted by deadline and prepaid. No exceptions. Candidates are responsible for ensuring advertisements are submitted and paid for on time. Special circumstances will not be considered and no advertising will be allowed after deadline.

Without exception, political advertisements must be submitted, paid, and cleared before ad space is reserved.

Political advertising rates will be the same for all candidates.

All ads will be reviewed for appropriate content prior to scheduling. No lewd or clearly defamatory subject matter will be allowed. The CUJ editor will have discretion to approve or decline any ads deemed inappropriate. Political advertising for non-CTUIR candidates and issues in local, state and federal elections must follow the same rules and requirements as CTUIR campaigns.

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Phone: 541-429-7390

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