Bid Notice: Sale of Grazing Privileges

Sealed bids for grazing privileges under permit on range unit of the Umatilla Indian

reservation for a 3 year 8 month period beginning May 1, 2024, and terminating not later

than December 31, 2027, will be received at the office of the Superintendent of the above

Indian Agency until 10. AM., Pacific Standard time, February 21st , 2024,

and will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence attended the BIA Umatilla Agency

Superintendent and DNR- Range. Ag. and Forestry staff. No bids tendered after the closing time

will be received or considered. All bids must be addressed to the Superintendent of the said

Indian Agency and be plainly marked on the outside of the envelope, “Bid for Grazing

Privileges,” Bids received before closing time will be securely kept unopened by the

Superintendent until the time of opening, but the Bureau of Indian Affairs shall not be

responsible to any bidder for premature opening of bids or failure to consider bids not properly

identified or addressed.

Full bid information posted below: