Wildhorse Resort and Casino Eviction Policy

WRC Eviction Policy
Wildhorse Resort & Casino recently updated their Eviction Policy to include some major changes. The policy can be viewed in its entirety at wildhorseresort.com/evictions.
The purposes of the Wildhorse Resort & Casino (Wildhorse) Policy on the Eviction of Patrons (Policy) are as follows: to establish the basis and procedure for the removal of patrons from Wildhorse managed enterprises who present a threat to the safety of Wildhorse patrons and staff, who threaten damage to or theft of Wildhorse property, the property of Wildhorse patrons, or who engage in criminal activity; to provide guidance to Wildhorse security personnel in the performance of their duty to protect Wildhorse patrons, staff and assets in connection with the eviction process; to ensure that written notice of the eviction is provided to the patron, clearly identifying the scope and term of the eviction, the factual basis for the eviction and the opportunity for the patron to appeal the basis for the eviction; and to establish a process to permit the patron who has been evicted from Wildhorse to have their eviction reviewed by presenting information that challenges the eviction.
The scope of the policy will include all Wildhorse managed and operated properties including the Wildhorse Casino, Hotel, restaurants and bars, Cineplex, Family FunPlex, Golf Course and RV park as well as Arrowhead Travel Plaza, Mission Market, Hamley Steakhouse, Western Store and Café, Golf Course at Birch Creek and Wildhorse shuttle buses.
Wildhorse may evict a patron for conduct that violates applicable laws, regulations or policies, threatens or causes harm to Wildhorse patrons or staff or damage to the property of Wildhorse or its patrons or staff, or disrupts Wildhorse operations.
Following is a non-exclusive list of conduct that may result in eviction from Wildhorse: theft of cash tickets or Video Lottery Terminal (slots) credits, theft of cash or property of another by a patron, shoplifting, theft of services, vandalism or destruction of Wildhorse property or the property of Wildhorse patrons or staff, violence or threats against other patrons or Wildhorse staff, disturbance/disruption of Wildhorse operations, Illegal narcotics, unlawful gambling, soliciting without the prior written approval of Wildhorse management, loitering.
A patron may be evicted for being in possession of, using, selling or manufacturing of illegal narcotics as defined under Federal or CTUIR law which includes marijuana and all cannabis products.
A patron may be evicted in the event that they engage in any gambling activity that violates applicable law or Wildhorse regulations, including gambling by persons under 21 years of age who engage in Class III gaming, or 18 years of age for Class II gaming, and persons who appear under age who engage in gaming and fail to present proof of age by a government issued card or document with a picture ID.
Asking for money, rides, food, tobacco products or narcotics are considered soliciting.
Any patron who is a parent or guardian of an unattended minor or pet may be subject to eviction.
Use of fake ID, or engaging in conduct that constitutes a crime under applicable law, constitutes or threatens an attempt of criminal activity, violates any applicable regulation or policy or threatens the public health and safety of Wildhorse patrons, staff or operations, is reason for eviction.
A patron shall not be subject to eviction in the event their conduct was solely to defend themselves or others from the actual or threatened violence of another and the response was reasonable based on the violence threatened or occurring.
A written Eviction Notice will be provided to each patron who has been evicted from Wildhorse. The Eviction Notice will contain the following information: the date of the Eviction Notice; name and address of patron that has been evicted; the time period in which the eviction is in effect; the Wildhorse Properties from which the patron has been evicted.
Additionally, the Eviction Notice will outline the process for the patron to request a review of an eviction that is 30 days or more and the potential consequences for failing to comply with the Eviction Notice.
Those potential consequences include: possible arrest for criminal trespass in the event that they are found on Wildhorse Properties during the eviction period; any gaming prizes, winnings or jackpots occurring after the eviction period has commenced shall not be paid to the patron and will be forfeited; and in the event a patron subject to an Eviction Notice applicable to the Wildhorse Casino is found to be gaming in violation of the Eviction Notice, the patron shall be refunded the amount the patron has paid to win the chips or credits in the patron’s possession. The remainder or the net win over and above the refunded amount, shall not be paid to the patron. The amount refunded to the patron shall not exceed the amount of the patron’s accumulated chips or credits.
Under this policy, patrons are required to provide accurate address and contact information in the event they are issued an Eviction Notice. Wildhorse shall not be responsible for failing to provide a patron with any revised Eviction Notice in the event that patron refuses to provide address or contact information, has no address or contact information or provides inaccurate address or contact information. Patrons must update their contact information with Wildhorse to receive notifications of any adjustment in the term or scope of their eviction or to inform the patron of the expiration of their eviction.