Photo of downed tree limbs in Mission, Oregon.
Photo of downed tree limbs in Mission, Oregon.

Funny February

Winds whipped through the region Feb. 23, bringing down limbs and trees like the ones at the BIA yard in Mission. The winds snapped power poles along Market Road and knocked out power for several hours. The National Weather Service recorded a high wind gust of 63 miles per hour.

February’s weather was warmer than normal with the average at 41.8 degrees. Highs averaged 52.2 with a high of 63 degrees – the same as the wind velocity – on Feb. 23.

The low temperature in February was 23 degrees on Feb. 3. There were 17 days when the temperature dipped below freezing.

Since October, the water precipitation at the Pendleton Airport has been 5.57 inches, which is about an inch below normal. Snowfall in February amounted to 3.8 inches that fell on Feb. 4.