Temporary land use restrictions being implemented on Umatilla Indian Reservation due to fire fisk

MISSION – Given the current fire danger on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, restrictions have been put in place on the lands protected by the Umatilla Tribal Fire Department (UTFD).
Continued hot weather coupled with drought-like conditions have increased concerns of potential large growth fires. UTFD and local fire suppression officials have indicated that, given the level of risk of wildland fire and the lack of available outside resources to respond should a large fire occur on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, drastic measures are needed to mitigate the risk of wildfire.
To limit the possibility of human-caused fires, the UTFD has established public use restrictions on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. These public use restrictions go into effect immediately and will remain in place until further notice.
Prohibited activities include:
• All open fires, including campfires, cooking pits, and warming fires
• Use of fireworks
• Use of exploding target and tracer ammunition
• Use of off-road vehicles on dry grass areas
• Non-industrial cutting, grinding, and welding in dry grass areas
• Non-industrial/agricultural mowing of dried, cured grass with brush hog type equipment
• Non-industrial chainsaw use in forested and dry grass lands
Ceremonial burns, including sweathouses, are allowed, but please contact Tribal Dispatch (541-278-0550) for a verbal permit based on weather conditions and fire resource availability.
Please use extreme caution when shooting full metal jacket ammunition because of the potential for sparks on solid surfaces.
Industrial uses are still allowed but require firefighting equipment to be on hand, including water tank vehicles with pump, portable fire extinguishers, and hand tools.
Umatilla Tribal Police will be monitoring for potential violations of these restrictions and violators will first be given warnings and provided information about the serious risk of wildfires during this fire season. Repeat violators could be cited to Tribal Court for potential fines. If an individual is responsible for causing a catastrophic fire, criminal sanctions could be pursued under Tribal or Federal law.