Nixyaawii neighborhood still in the works for 2022

Press Release

Nixyáawii – the 13-acre neighborhood located south of Nixyaawii Education Center and Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, was originally, planned for development over the summer of 2021; however, delays from pandemic response and very volatile development market has moved the project to spring of 2022, with lot sales windows occurring in early spring 2022.
Nixyáawii will allow CTUIR Tribal Members to build homes and live on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.
The neighborhood will offer residents the flexibility to build and own a home that suits their own needs, while also providing a walkable atmosphere with a neighborhood park, and easy access to work, school, health, and to transit.
The design is meant to be flexible and allows for future extensions as the community grows. The individual lots will included stub outs for water, sewer, gas, electricity and fiber.
“Housing has been a Priority for the Tribal Community and the Board of Trustees for many years, if not generations,” said J.D. Tovey III, Planning Director for CTUIR. “The Reservation is the home of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Indians, but for a long time it was difficult for tribal members to actually live on the reservation – because of fractionation, high land prices, or construction barriers such as wells and septic tanks. This neighborhood aims to help alleviate as many of those barriers as possible.”
“The path to homeownership can be complex, but also very rewarding,” said Pam Ranslam, Homeownership Program Manager for Nixyaawii Community Financial Services. “Getting organized is key to making a smooth process.” Interested parties should be prepared to go through all the steps of a mortgage loan process including reviewing credit history, pre-qualification and pre-approval of a loan.
For updates and information as it is released, please check out the website and sign up for the newsletter to take a survey about financial services that you may need as part of this process.
A virtual, and in person, open house is scheduled for September 8, 2021, which you can register for through the website.