Leslie Minthorn Oct. 1, 1933 – Sept. 21, 2023

McKay Creek Minthorn family expression of thanks

The McKay Creek Minthorn Family would like to sincerely thank the many families, friends, coworkers, and colleagues that provided comfort, companionship and assistance during the decline and passing of our patriarch atway Les “Kite” Minthorn. To those who were at his side over the last several years through the end of his life words are not nearly enough. There are so many individuals to thank including the fact-finding team and biographers. To all the medical staff near and far including our own you prolonged his life and even then, we wanted more time. Thank you especially to Tutuilla Presbyterian Church and the Umatilla Longhouse throughout his life and to Good Shepard Hospice and Pioneer Chapel in his death.  In the time leading up to his passing the unsung heroes have always been Micheal, Wayne, Shorty, Yayoi, Melsue, John, Victor, and Malissa and Mike Winks. To older nephews Armand and Fred, you were truly his favorites. To the younger nieces and nephews thank you for continuing to help us even still. To big brother Woodrow and the Wellbriety crew near and far you meant so much to him and heeded his call no matter where he was. To both sides of the family, Indian and non, we saw you and appreciated your kindness during and after our loss. Thank you, Lonnie, and George Selam, for leading us through darkness to the light. Michelle Spencer, Summer Bryan, and Angie – our own in-house hospice nursing staff thank you. Thank you to the Warm Springs, the Nez Perce, the Yakama and Umatilla relatives, elected officials, and colleagues who continue to express their condolences. Thank you to all those professional colleagues who came from out of state, we saw you and appreciated your presence. And finally, to his wife of 69 years thank you for sticking it out through thick and thin. There are so many others to thank that these few names are only the beginning. In due time a memorial will be held to recognize all whom helped our patriarch on his final journey.