Veteran’s Committee – seeking applicants

The outgoing Board of Trustees approved Resolution No.23-10, establishing the Tribal Veteran’s Committee at the November 27, 2023 regular BOT meeting. We are now able to advertise for membership on the committee. The Veterans Committee shall be an advisory committee, governed by the Advisory Committee Code of the Confederated Tribes. The subject matter statement for the Veterans Committee shall be as follows: “Consistent with the Advisory Committee Code, the subject matter of the Veterans Committee shall be to provide policy advice to the Board of Trustees and CTUIR staff on the development and implementation of policy regarding advocacy for Veterans, engagement and outreach with Veterans in the community including working with George St. Denis Post 140, American Legion Oregon whenever possible, and the development of support services for the well-being of Veterans.

Consistent with the Advisory Committee Code, the Veterans Program of the Department of Children and Family Services shall work closely with, and provide support to, the Veterans Committee.

“The Board of Trustees shall advertise the Veterans Committee positions and appoint members.”

Apologies to the community and to our veterans for the delay in advertising. We did have a scheduling conflict which created that delay on our established monthly calendar.

The membership of the Veteran’s Committee is not limited to Vets only. If you have a strong interest in helping our Veteran’s and would like to serve on the new committee, please apply! Applicants are not limited to living on the reservation. If you know of anyone who does not have access to the internet and is interested or has questions, reach out to Roberta Wilson, BOT Secretary at (541) 429-7372, Cami Lewis, Secretary II

(541) 429-7377, Sam Spino, Veteran’s Services Manager (541) 429-7389.

Thank you for your interest in Veteran’s affairs on the CTUIR!

Roberta J. Wilson,

Board of Trustees Secretary 541-429-7372