Thank You

On November 25, 2023, my father Tithcowax (David Wolf Sr.), younger sister, Hiyuum latakalapat (Ashleigh Wolf) and I returned names from our family’s history to this homeland. It was a big holiday shopping weekend, so a big thank you to the people who chose to be a part of our family’s naming ceremony. I’ll start with a special thanks to our cooks; Michelle, Syreeta, Judy, Kootsie, Keysha, Teara, Sandy, Nina, and the rest of their very important and happy cook crew. Also, my gratitude to Andrew Wildbill and Sam Spino for preparing the salmon. We could not have had this ceremony without the Hawtmi Drummers; Moon, Wus, Kooch, Burke, Ike, Toby, and the rest. Also, much gratitude to the ceremonial drummers who opened the Longhouse for this occasion. 

A special thanks to my uncle Wilson Wewa for speaking out to make sure these names stayed with the direct descendants of Palouse chiefs Old Man Wolf and Wolf Necklace; I cannot thank him enough for his efforts on this very difficult front. He also shared the history of the names from our Wolf family history. Thank you to Fred Hill Sr. for being our speaker and always being a positive and patient cultural leader. It was wonderful to meet the authors of the book Renegade Tribe; Clifford Trafzer and Richard Scheurman who also witnessed and participated in the naming ceremony. 

It was such a special occasion for us and even our tribe, Tamastalikt Cultural Institute brought out the coat our ancestor wore that is featured on the cover of the book Renegade Tribe. This leads to me to also thank our recently departed atway Dr. Ronald Pond for handing this valuable artifact that was gifted to him, over to the High Desert Museum, which was then handed it over to our museum for final storage. This not just my family’s, as CTUIR members it is our coat, now. Any CTUIR member can request to view the coat like so many more cultural treasures our institute stores safely and respectfully for us and future generations.  

This day was made more special when we welcomed my younger sister Ashleigh back from serving two terms in the Marine Corp. During her honor song, she shed that part of her life to begin a new path, stronger and with the support and love from our community as Hiyuum latakalapat. I, personally, could not have done this without my mothers, sisters, dad, and aunts Bobbi and Vivian. 

All the love and gratitude Creator has given me, has expanded because of my kids, Mamniša, Tunuwinunmay and Watašyosyos, and my wife Kimoynew for keeping me on the right path and always supporting me in this life adventure. 


Xawliš wašampki, Jeremy Red Star Wolf, X-1184