Thank you from the Nixyáawii Winter Celebration Committee

The Nixyáawii Winter Celebration Committee would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who helped make the 2023 Winter Celebration a success: Donators/Sponsors: Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pendleton Round Up & Happy Canyon, CTUIR BOT, Wildhorse Casino, Cayuse Holdings, Wildhorse Foundation, Yellowhawk, CTUIR Language Program, St. Andrews Church, Thomas Morning Owl, Sam Spino Veteran Coordinator, Arrowhead Travel Plaza, Jeremy and Althea Wolf, CTUIR Bolster Crew. Volunteers: Lynn Sue Jones, Katrina Miller, Andrew WildBill, Fred Hill Sr, Judy Burke, Coralie Clark, Toni Cordell, Terri Carnes, Dallas Dick, Andrew Williams, Andrew Williams, Kashmere Murr, Ethan Tappo, Delwin McKay, Andrew Munoz. Committee Members: J’shon Thompson, Gabe Jones, Ellamae Looney, Syreeta Azure, Lorasa Joseph, Louis Halfmoon and Kellen Joseph. Others pitched in throughout the event with donations and decorating. All the drums, dancers, and vendors who made this year’s event a success. Thank you all. – Committee Chair