Kayak Public Transit responds to COVID-19 by suspending operations for one week

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from Kayak Public Transit
Susan Johnson, Kayak Public Transit Program Manager
John David Tovey III “J.D.” AICP, CTUIR Tribal Planning Director
Phone: 1-541-429-7519
Email: SusanJohnson@ctuir.org

Kayak Public Transit response to COVID-19

Kayak Public Transit takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously especially when concerning the health of our passengers and employees. In the interest of public health, Kayak Public Transit will not operate during the week of Monday, March 23 to Saturday, March 28th. On or before March 27th, Kayak Public Transit will monitor the ongoing situation and make a determination concerning the following week.

Kayak recognizes its role as a lifeline for access to employment, medical, and shopping needs throughout the region, and we do not take this action lightly. Please feel free to contact our dispatch for updates or inquiries.