Message to Tribal members, ‘RE: Absentee Ballots’

Hello Tribal Members, we are entering another CTUIR election season. The Tribal Election is on November 9, 2021. All Board of Trustees Officer and At-Large positions and all General Council Officer positions will be on the ballot. Candidates seeking these positions must pick up nomination petitions from the Election Commission and submit those completed petitions by August 31, 2021.
Tribal members 18 years and older are eligible to vote. Voters can cast their ballot either in person on election day in the Nixyaawii Governance Center or by absentee ballot. If you live outside the 97801 zip code (which covers the Reservation and Pendleton) you may request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you up until September 20, 2021. If you have a request for an absentee ballot on file with the Election Commission, you do not need to file a new request to receive an absentee ballot. You may also request an absentee ballot from the Election Commission up to and including Election Day. To be counted, absentee ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Be aware that mail delivery has been slow in recent years – so be sure to mail you absentee ballot at least a week before Election Day. As an alternative, absentee ballots can be dropped off in the Tribal ballot box in front of the Nixyaawii Governance Center.
As required by Tribal law, the Election Commission will issue a notice of the Tribal Election on August 6, 2021.
The Election Commission is giving an update to the General Council at their July 15 regular meeting – please be there, your participation is greatly valued! You may access the Election Code on the CTUIR website, or if you need assistance, have questions or comments, contact the Election Commission at
From the Election Commission

Thank you from the family of Julie Scott

It has been a difficult time of sadness for us, but we want to thank you for your kindness and compassion as we suffered a family loss. Your sincere messages of sympathy during our time of loss was a comfort, and sweet confirmation that people were thinking about us. We are grateful for the loving community we live in.
We would like to thank the following people who provided songs, prayers, flowers, monetary gifts and food. Please forgive us if we mistakenly left you off the list, we had so many reaching to out us individually that we may have forgotten a few names.
The Balls (Frank, Joe, Missy and Patty) monetary donation, give away items and feathers for pallbearers. Larry and Betty Cowapoo for monetary donation; Babette and Koko for the Pendleton blanket; Michael R. Johnson and Shawna Shillal for the beautiful necklaces and songs St. Anthony’s and Trios Hospitals; Robert and Nijone Wilson for the monetary donation.
Fred Hill and Thomas Morning Owl for officiating the services. The drummers: Thomas Morning Owl, Nelson John, Aaron Hines, Joshua Spencer, Robert Wilson, Armand Minthorn, JoJo Wilson, Toby Patrick, Gale Shippentower, Lindsey Watchman, and Michael Ray Johnson. Pallbearers Tony Van Pelt, Nelson John, Zachary Patrick, Anthony Matamoros, Abel Matamoros and Wilbur Oatman. Lindsey Watchman and Sara Frank for speaking at the graveside. Cyndee Bean, CTUIR Facilities Maintenance and CTUIR Enrollment for all their assistance.
Sandy and Linda Sampson for preparing sack lunches and being available for the family. Lou and Marie Allman for providing the hand fans for services. Nelson John for making the feather barrette for her hair. Rachel and Teata Ellenwood for helping watch the little ones and helping on the floor. Judith Scott for being so helpful at the Longhouse ceremonies and at the graveside. Keysha Ashley and family and DJ, Louie and Taylor Quaempts for providing food for the family. Isabelle Lecornu and family for checking in on Jue Jue.
The beautiful flowers from Desi Coyote, Teddi Bronson, Rosenda Shippentower, the BOT, Jonni Spencer & Family, Leona Enright, Betty and Larry Cowapoo.
The people and family that came from Warm Springs and Lapwai.
Love and Appreciation,
Rachel and Abel Matamoros, Zachary and Candice Patrick, Ryan Patrick, Helen and Levi Morrison, Lee and Rhonda Scott, Doris Scott and Nelson John, and Andi Scott.


Submitted by The Election Commission