Yellowhawk sees 31 COVID-19 cases in June

By The CUJ

MISSION – A flurry of COVID-19 cases were linked to each other this month, according to Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center.
The Health Center logged 31 cases in June, with approximately 75 percent linked to each other, Yellowhawk Interim CEO Aaron Hines said.
Since then, five more cases emerged in July.
Variant testing is being done collaboratively with the Oregon State Public Health Lab. Hines said the P.1 and the Delta variant have been identified in the cases.
With the CTUIR planning to fully re-open in July, Hines believes a slight rise could occur.
“However,” he said, “testing and vaccination is easily available to all persons in the CTUIR community. Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center will continue to provide a robust contact tracing response and will connect those affected by a COVID diagnosis with resources.”As of July 6, more than 70 percent of Oregonians have been vaccinated, according to Oregon Health Officials.