CTUIR member named Interim E.D.

By the CUJ

MISSION – CTUIR member Teara Farrow Ferman was appointed Interim Executive Director by the Board of Trustees, effective July 15.
She shifts into the position from her managerial spot in the Department of Natural Resources’ Cultural Resources Protection Program.
Farrow Ferman replaces Paul Rabb, who returned as the Finance Director. She has set four goals as E.D.
• Improve communication to all employees and the community
• Improve employee morale
• Ensure protection and management of the CTUIR’s reserved Treaty rights
• Serve and represent her fellow CTUIR members and community in all aspects of Tribal government operations while following established policies, codes and procedures
“I have worked for the Tribe for over 25 years and I have managed the Cultural Resources Program for 16 of those years,” she said. “My duties are always to serve my fellow Tribal members and community. I will always be honest and forthcoming and if I don’t know the answer to something, I will find the answer.”
Farrow Ferman’s commitment to the Tribe was highlighted by BOT Chair Kat Brigham in a July 15 press release.
“Teara’s commitment to the Tribes’ cultural values, years of service and ability to collaborate were important attributes we considered when appointing her as Interim Executive Director,” she said. “We look forward to working with her to advance CTUIR goals as we continue to seek a permanent employee for the position.”