Final opportunity for public comment – CTUIR Hazard Mitigation Plan

Residents, CTUIR members, and other community stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft 2021 Update to the CTUIR Hazard Mitigation Plan. The goal of the Hazard Mitigation Plan is to save lives, property, and natural resources by reducing the vulnerability of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to disaster events.

Hazard Mitigation is any effort to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property. Through mitigation planning, we recognize that we can’t stop floods or other events from happening, but we can implement long-term solutions to reduce their devastating impact on residents, families, homes, infrastructure, and our natural resources.

Every five years, CTUIR updates its Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify the greatest threats and hazards facing our community, and how we can best mitigate the impacts. Our plan complements similar efforts in Umatilla County and for the State of Oregon.

A Planning Committee representing CTUIR Public Safety, Tribal Planning, Public Works, Finance, Information Technology, and Natural Resources has worked for the last six months to assess hazards and develop a strategy to mitigate the impacts of those hazards. Community members perspectives on the hazards included in the plan and the proposed mitigation strategy are highly valuable. Your engagement helps CTUIR to advance these projects and prioritize the most important efforts.

Take advantage of one of the following opportunities to provide comment:

  • Review the draft CTUIR HMP on the Public Safety website during the review period (September 13 through 27)
  • Submit your comments to the planning team by emailing
  • Hear an update from the planning team during the September General Council meeting

For more information or to review the draft plan beginning September 13, please visit: