Dave promoted to General Manager at Arrowhead McDonald’s

MISSION – CTUIR descendant Dakota Dave was promoted to the General Manager of the McDonald’s at Arrowhead Travel Plaza.
Dave, an eight year veteran at the fast food restaurant, said he had a long road to get the promotion.
“I started here in the kitchen flipping burgers,” he said. “I didn’t have a whole lot of work experience.”
“The one thing I did have was the motivation to support my family,” Dave added. “I went into McDonald’s with that goal in mind. At first it was just to move up to shift supervisor.”
Dave accomplished that feat 1.5 years into his tenure, he said. He began envisioning himself as the GM, but was passed up twice for the opportunity.
“I did find myself a little discouraged,” he said. “Then one day I got the call to come and meet the owner. That’s when I knew hard work consistency and dedication really do pay off. If I’ve learned anything down this road, it is to set a goal and stay focused on that goal.”