Spotlight: Monica Paradise of the Discover Program

Monica Paradise

By The CUJ

MISSION – Monica Paradise is one of this year’s Pamáwaluukt Empower Program participants.
She was nominated for a business spotlight by the Pamawaluukt Staffing/Recruitment Specialist, Lorene Broncheau. Paradise answered a handful of questions about what she does in the program.
CUJ: The Pamáwaluukt Empower Program searches for Discover candidates based on a number of items including displaying an aptitude for leadership. How do you feel you display leadership in your role as a tribal member employee?
Paradise: The biggest leadership quality I possess is my willingness to learn/train to enhance my knowledge on tribal business/social issues/finances. I also want to equip myself with as much tribal history, policy, and procedures I can to carry forward and share with the generations ahead of us to keep CTUIR thriving.
CUJ: How has participation in the Discover program thus far, enhanced your outlook on job opportunities?
Paradise: The program has given me a good look into the programs mission, vision, and long term planning. It has helped me to see where my education and experience fit. Some areas of business that I overlooked and didn’t think met my goals happened to be the programs that allowed me to utilize my education familiarity.
CUJ: Would you recommend the Discover program to other Tribal Member employees who may be interested in exploring job opportunities or career enhancement?
Paradise: Yes, I absolutely would recommend the discover program to other tribal member employees. The program gives TM employees a deeper dive into programs they didn’t know much about and different programs align well with your interests, education, or experience. The program helps build confidence in your ability to share community knowledge with other members of the community.
CUJ: Congratulations on your recent graduation with a Master Legal Studies Indigenous Peoples Law from The University of Oklahoma; what advice would you give our youth about higher education?
Paradise: The most important thing to remember is how quickly time passes. If you are not planning to enroll in school full-time, I would highly suggest taking one course at a time. There are times I took breaks from school, and I looked back and realized how much I could have accomplished if I had stayed slow and steady, rather than nothing at all. Education is empowering and sets off motivation within yourself to collect achievements to better serve the community. A win for you, is a win for us all.
CUJ: Would you like to add anything?
Paradise: I am thankful for the opportunity to do the Discover program. I have met a lot of people I work with on a day to day basis for the first time face-to-face. The program has given me the opportunity to get hands on training and has been a road of personal growth. I will always stay true to who I am and aspire to find ways the tribe can collectively collaborate between departments to give tribal members more opportunities to develop themselves and their families.

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